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reservations system

Booking System for the Parks And Reserves Reservation Office, Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Botswana

This booking and reservations system for the DWNP Parks and Reserves Reservations Office allows DWNP staff to view availability of accommodation in the national parks in a calendar format and make reservations which are stored in an MS SQL database.

The system, used internally on the department's intranet, allows users to view, add and modify bookings, record payments and manage refunds and deposits. Different user permission levels allow administrators to update fee and park information, supervisors to view and manage their team's work, and reservations officers to check availability and record bookings. This system was designed to replace a paper-based system.

The system is currently in use in the Gaborone Booking Office and it is planned to be rolled out to all booking offices. The client is happy with the system which has solved a number of DWNP problems, e.g. duplication of customer records and double bookings. Further modules are to be developed including an web-based online booking system where customers can login, check availability, make their own reservations and pay online.


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