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intranet software

Web-based Decision Support intranet system for the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry

The reviewing departments within the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) have a set of tools that makes reviewing an application simpler and more effective. Reviewing EIAs (environmental impact assessments) takes place against the background of a large departmental workload (A medium sized reviewing department within DWAF may be called upon to review more then 100 EIA applications in a month), a high staff turnover and varying skill levels within the reviewing departments. These factors combine to make the review process time-consuming and fraught with errors. Thus a database to store the information pertaining to the review of each EIA, business rules to allow the use of the review tools that had been compiled and a web-based interface was required.

This Workflow and Process Management System allows DWAF staff to record their evaluation of EIAs (Environmental Impact Assessments) for various development projects. The system allows users to view, add and edit EIA evaluations.

The process management functionality allows users to submit these evaluations with questions to other users for feedback, and comment on evaluations submitted to them. Users can also change the status of an EIA evaluation to completed, so it can no longer be edited.

Three user permission levels allow supervisors to view and manage their team’s work, and administrators to manage all users and all data.

Reports allow supervisors to view status of all EIA evaluations being worked on by their team, and analyse their progress. Users are able to search previous EIA evaluations and use them as a knowledge base.

Tool templates can be added and updated by the administrator, with version control.